Business Profile: The Creator of Beautiful Spaces

Business Profile: The Creator of Beautiful Spaces

Generate extra monthly income from your home

HomeRenoDirect_Transform_Your_Basement.jpgHomeReno Direct is featured in the
Toronto Sun New Homes & Condos sections, July 2015
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Need more space in your home? Transform your basement

HomeRenoDirect_Transform_Your_Basement.jpgHomeReno Direct is featured in the
Toronto Sun New Homes & Condos sections, May 2015
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Wondering if you should trust referral websites?

By Mike Holmes, Regina Leader Post January 26, 2015
I recently heard about a contractor who left a trail of half-demoed homes because his renovation company went belly-up. His clients are mad; so are his crew and the sub trades. Unfortunately, this isn’t new... Read More

Why you should renovate before your sell!

Selling a property requires strategic thinking, here is why! Did you know that 90% of buyers don’t see potential of a home that is in need of renovation? Studies show that 63% of homebuyers are willing to pay extra money for homes that are completely move-in ready.

“Renovation before sale can be good, but people should try to stick to items that will improve the esthetics and the layout and create sex appeal,” says Monika Merinat, a broker with Coldwell Banker Terrequity Brokerage. “They will get their money back and more if they do things like a new kitchen or bathroom. Floors can do a lot for the selling price. But doing it all, roof, electrical, plumbing and so on may not provide an immediate return. Of course, it all depends of the house.”

According to S. Geer "I don't believe that people aren't putting a little more effort into it," says the publicist and principal of Avenue Communications. "A $25,000 renovation can give you a couple hundred thousand more on the price. A lot of it is just paint. In the grand scheme of things, it costs you nothing."

We believe that If you're selling, fix the obvious!

Research suggests that most buyers make up their minds within the first two minutes of entering a home, so it makes sense to concentrate on the things that will first catch their eye. In general that means the entrance, kitchen and main-floor bath. It also means repairing anything that is obviously broken or damaged.
What ever you do, consider hiring a contractor rather than doing it yourself. Let's face it. Most people aren't that good at doing it themselves. If the job is done poorly, that will detract from the value of the house.

Most people don’t see past the clutter, you want buyers to see themselves in your home, so renovating keep it neutral, bright and clean. How much should you spend on the kitchen?

Well it depends on you budget, you can still have a nice clean kitchen without spending a fortune buyers are looking for good appliances, quality cabinetry, nice counter tops, kitchen that is practical and functional.

We hear it everyday from our customer. It's always worth the time and money it takes to do a job properly, not just to help you sell your home, but to enjoy it while you're living in it.

Video: Done Deals: Here's how renovations helped sell a bungalow at a premium 

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