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Bathrooms that Make a Style Statement

  BlogAdmin   Sunday, November 25, 2018
From matte black accents that’ll make any lavatory pop to gorgeous marble mosaic tile that’ll add a spa feel to your space, give your bathroom a current look by infusing one or more of these trends.


Herringbone continues to be a favourite pattern choice for bathroom accent walls, showers and floors. Its subtly evokes elegance, whether focused on a statement wall in the shower or installed on the floor. Even the simplest subway tiles can be elevated when placed in the herringbone pattern. The drawback: this pattern requires precision placement and a lot of cutting to get it just right. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, hire a professional tile installer to get the job done right.

Patterned Tile

The popular modern farmhouse look has shone a spotlight on large-format patterned tiles. From mesmerizing black and white designs, to pretty shades of grey, taupe and blue, the colour combinations and patterns are plenty when picking these trendy tiles. Find them in big box stores or specialty tile manufacturers, depending on your budget. Just remember, with so much pattern being focused on the floor, it’s important to balance the drama below with calming colours, simple accessories and natural accents for the rest of your bathroom. Think clean lines for the vanity, choose a simple mirror and pull tones from your tile choice that will complement the rest of your space.

Matte Black Accents

In simple, neutral bathrooms, matte black accents like shower heads, faucets and hardware give a modern twist on traditional stainless steel or chrome. Black matte accents ground spaces with their bold hit of drama and go with pretty much everything. A fail- safe way of introducing matte black to your bathroom is by starting with your faucets. If you love the look and want to go further with the design, add black hardware to your vanity, switch up your light fixtures for black ones or replace your existing mirror for a black-framed piece. Marble Mosaics: If you’re looking for a tile material to breathe new life into your bathroom, but don’t want to choose something that’s too trendy, try marble mosaics. They’re available in a variety of stunning monochromatic shades and eye-catching patterns – from penny rounds to hexagons – yet they still veer more towards the classic side. No matter the look you’re trying to achieve, whether retro or sleek and modern, this material’s versatility fits with any style. Pair marble mosaics with a white grout for a soothing spa vibe in your bathroom.

High-Tech Features

Tech is helping to transform the bathroom from a room of convenience to a space where you can relax and unwind. From voice-activated lighting controls that create a calm, spa-like experience to digital showers that adjust to your temperature needs, these app- controlled products are working to help make your life a little easier. Homeowners are also getting more interested in the high-tech toilet. With features like seat warmers, automatic lid closers and built-in deodorizers, what’s not to like?

For more design trend ideas for your bathroom renovation, contact one of our Home Reno Direct designers today.

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