How to Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinetry Space

  BlogAdmin   Wednesday, December 05, 2018
Whether you’re in the midst of renovating your kitchen or still pondering a new design plan, here’s how to get
the most out of your cabinet space.

Plan Ahead

We can’t say this enough: the key to a successful remodel is planning ahead. The same goes for planning your cabinetry. Give yourself time to really think about how you live in your kitchen and how you need your cabinets to work for you. Is your family big on entertaining? Will you be downsizing in the coming years or maybe planning for a new addition to your family? These are all important questions to think about before finalizing your cabinetry. You want them to be functional and make your life easier on top of being beautiful. Planning ahead will help you achieve just that.

Make a Mental Inventory of Your Items

Look inside your current cabinetry and make a mental inventory of your kitchen items. Where are you finding yourself cramming stuff away? Maybe your pantry is always stocked to the brim and it takes you longer than it should to find cooking staples? Or perhaps you have pots and pans that are always out of reach in deep lower cabinets? Starting with your cabinetry trouble zones will help you better plan for the best solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Make Use of Corner Cabinets

Even if your kitchen lacks the space needed for a full-sized butler’s pantry, there are still plenty to solutions to stay organized. A Lazy Susan or Super Susan installed in lower or upper corner cabinetry offer ample storage. Their tray turn systems allow you to put away and access plenty of items in otherwise hard-to-reach deep cabinets.

Adjust Your Shelving

Maximize wasted space between the top of your stored items and the next shelf above by reducing the height of each shelf. Each inside shelf doesn’t need to be the same height, especially if you’re wasting precious space. Or consider installing shelf risers to create smaller shelving solutions between your built-in cabinet shelves.

Consider Pull Outs

Pull outs are a great option for those few awkward inches between cabinets and appliances that just aren’t large enough for functional drawers. Pull outs do just what they’re called – it’s a cabinet that is usually long and narrow and pulls out towards you. They can be customized to fit multiple shelves and work great as a spice rack or extra pantry space.

Dedicate a Wall to Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

If your kitchen is large enough, consider dedicating a whole wall to floor-to-ceiling storage. Make sure to break up the cabinetry sizes and include some glass-front cabinetry to keep the design interesting to the eye, yet still functional.

Play with Height and Depth

If you’re remodeling an older home, removing dated bulkheads is an efficient way of increasing cabinetry height. Once your bulkheads are removed, map out your new upper cabinetry design to go all the way to your ceiling. Have an on-trend ladder installed to make these high upper cabinets more accessible on a daily basis or use them for seasonal storage only. Make use of the depth within your kitchen island by installing one-sided cabinets or drawers to house small appliances like your microwave underneath. It will free-up precious counter space and give your kitchen a more streamlined look.

For more space-saving cabinetry design ideas, contact one of our Home Reno Direct designers.

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