Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Do you have a kitchen that’s stuck in the 80’s? What about a bathroom that doesn’t get used until there is an emergency? Or a new basement that brings your whole house together? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, give HomeReno a call today! Our Brampton home renovations team will tackle any project you need done professionally, beautifully, and on time!

The process we follow at HomeReno is very simple; we sit down with you and discuss what your plans are. If you want to create a brand new kitchen that you can create delicious meals and host amazing dinner parties, we can do that! If you want a bathroom renovation that people feel comfortable in and want to actually stay in there for a long period of time, we can do that too! What about that basement you use for only storage, but want to turn it into one of your more elegant rooms in your house? Yes, we can do that! We will go through your designs together, from there we will go through each material and pieces you want to incorporate in the project. After that, you decide if you want us to help in the project, or if you want us to do the whole thing. No matter what, we will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns about the renovation project.

During the building process, we will stick to the design you came up with, and we will be there to answer any questions you may have. We have the friendliest team of professional builders that are more than happy to ease your mind and to tell you everything that is being done.

Our team will work around your schedule, ensuring that you and your family will be more comfortable during the whole process to complete your kitchen remodeling, bathroom revamping, or basement renovations. Our installation process is non-invasive, we will ask you when the best time to come work would be, and then we work around your schedule. If you need to reschedule a time that was already agreed upon, that’s fine! Just give us a heads up and we will find a better time that will work for you. When the project is done, you also won’t have to worry about any mess left behind. We clean up any mess we make to ensure your new kitchen, basement or bathroom sparkles from day one.

Our professional HomeReno team is now proudly serving Brampton, Ontario! We have gained a respectable reputation through quality and customer service in Mississauga and Oakville so far, we can’t wait to bring our expertise to those living in Brampton. Contact us today at 905-819-0387 to talk with a renovation expert and learn more about how we can transform your kitchen, bathroom or basement into something that you will truly love!

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