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Do you live in Burlington and are looking to renovate your basement, kitchen, or bathroom? Do you have an inconsistent schedule that makes it hard to accomplish these renovations yourself? Don’t panic, the professional and experienced team at HomeReno are here to help you! Our team is efficient and very skilled, meaning we can quickly renovate your projected room to a high quality and within your budget.

Whether you need your kitchen remodelled, your bathroom updated, or need to get your basement finished, HomeReno has the tools and expertise to get it done professionally. At HomeReno, we follow a process that will always save you time, money, and stress when it comes to your renovation project. Our first step is to meet with you to go over your designs and answer any questions you may have about the vision of your new room. We want to always have an open communication with all of our customers to ensure they are always happy during the renovation process, we work hard to create the room you want!

After our initial conversation, we will then go through the materials that we have and the pieces that will fit into your new kitchen, bathroom, or basement. When you have chosen the materials you want to use, we can deliver everything right to your door and we can get started on the installation process right away. We are very flexible when it comes to the installation process; if you feel comfortable doing it all yourself, we will step aside and be on-call if you have any questions during the process. If you need us to do the entire project, that is not a problem at all either! Our highly trained team is more than capable to handle any and all your installation needs.

What sets us apart from the rest is that the building and installation process revolves around your schedule. One of our main goals, aside from making your renovation project perfect, is to be sure you and your family are comfortable throughout the entire process. Our work is minimally invasive, meaning we will only work where and when you want us to. If you need to leave the house for whatever reason and want to cancel your appointment, all you have to do is give us a heads up before we arrive that you need to reschedule. You won’t have to worry about dealing with any mess either. When the project is complete, we clear out all the debris or extra garbage to make your new room sparkle.

HomeRenospecializes in creating the perfect basement, kitchen, or bathroom that you have designed yourself. Your home in Burlington is waiting to be updated or renovated, all you have to do is call us for help! We have a team filled with experts and professionals to work on your kitchen, bathroom, and basement willing to do everything in their power to create the room you have always imagined!

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