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Your home is your canvas, you should be the one to decide how it looks! Your home in Richmond Hill wants to be updated, answer its call and create something amazing! At HomeReno, we work hard to make sure your basement, bathroom, or kitchen renovation project turns into the most beautiful and unique room and follow the exact designs that you have dreamt up. HomeReno can get any project done quickly while using high quality materials to make your home look amazing!

We know that our process for finishing your basement, redesigning your kitchen, or renovating your bathroom is the best you will find anywhere! We will sit down with you to go through your own designs or ideas about how you want your new space to look. We make sure all of our customers are in control when it comes to designing their spaces, because they will be the main people who will be using the rooms every day!

After we go through your designs, the next step will be picking out the materials and pieces you want to use for your project. We will go through cabinets, tiles, floorboards, appliances, granite, etc. until you have chosen everything you need. After that, we will deliver everything to your home so the installation process can start right away.

When you choose HomeReno, you will instantly notice how flexible we are when it comes to installing your new pieces for your bathroom, basement, or kitchen. If you want to do it all yourself, you have the choice to do so! We will still be available to answer any questions you may have along the way. If you have no experience with building or installation, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing all the work yourself, that is ok, too. Our team is filled with pros when it comes to installing all the components for your new room in your Richmond Hill house.

When you choose HomeReno for your next renovation project, we will work around your schedule and make sure you and your family are comfortable through the entire process. We always check before we arrive to see if you still need us to come over to work. If something does pop up where you have to reschedule, that won’t be a problem at all! Just give us a heads up and we will happily reschedule. Our work is also non invasive, we only work where you want us to so we won’t be cluttering up your entire house with our tools. When we are done with your bathroom renovation, basement renovation, or kitchen renovation, we take our mess with us so you can enjoy your new room on day one!

Are you looking to spruce up your Richmond Hill home and need help from a highly trained and experienced renovation company? The team at HomeReno will be your best option for all your basement, bathroom, and kitchen renovation needs! Contact HomeReno to see how we can and will help make your dream room become a reality!

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